Tabla Apps is a one-stop platform you can find useful Riyaz apps in one place. Here we are providing genuine links to some of the very useful applications for Tabla Students to Riyaz or Practice. In this list, we included both paid and free software. This list is very useful and informative as it can help you to build a good grip on rhythm and tempo.

Android - Tabla Apps

1.Carnatic Thaalam Robot (Click Here to Download)

Introducing Carnatic Thaalam Robot, a feature-rich app to put thaalam for you with natural hand gestures as done traditionally.

Designed & developed by a professional musician, this app is your thaalam assistant for practice at home, recordings, teaching classes, and even play within events/concerts if you have no one to put thaalam for you.

2. E-Tanpura(Click Here To Download)

This is a very simple and useful tanpura application.. this is very useful for students learning Indian classical music. you can set different types of pitch and tune as per your requirement. you can control volume and speed also if you need. hope this will be the best tanpura app in the play store. your suggestion is requested to make this app better. Please share the app as much as you can to help us.

3. Fine Chromatic Tuner(Click Here To Download)

Professional chromatic tuner with unique algorithms designed for the most accurate tuning.
It works well for a wide range of instruments and is tested with guitar, violin, flute, ukulele, some woodwind and brass, voice, and more. All mid-range instruments are covered.

The working range of the app is 70 Hz to 550 Hz so if you are a bass player look for the “Fine Bass Tuner” app instead.

This is an automatic chromatic tuner - you just play the sound and the note and frequency are detected.

The Fine Chromatic Tuner was adjusted and tested against the acoustic guitar, soprano ukulele, tenor uke, electric guitar, and violin.

4. Harmonium(Click here To Download)

Harmonium is a musical instrument that is a free-reed organ that generates sound as air flows past a vibrating piece of thin metal in a frame. It is an important instrument in many genres of Indian music especially classical. It is widely used in India Indian music concerts. A lot of Singers use harmonium for practicing vocals to make their vocals and music knowledge more strong. Wannabe singers use it to learn music, understand Sur and improve their vocals.

Harmonium is one of the best musical instruments for practicing vocals, understanding music, understanding Sur (doing Sur Sadhna), understanding Raags (doing Raag Sadhana), doing Kharaj ka riyaz (for improving Bass notes in your voice – getting more deep & resonant voice), improving surilapan (improving the sound quality of vocals – sweetening vocals), etc.

A normal harmonium costs something to you but GameG presents you the real Harmonium for free.

Whether you are a musician or a singer (who uses harmonium for practicing vocals), you can carry your harmonium on your device (android phone/android tablet). There are some places where you can’t take your real harmonium but you can carry this one everywhere.

5. Laya Tarang(Click Here To Download)

Laya Tarang (rhythmic waves) is a Hindustani music-related app intended for the practice of Layakari (Polyrhythm) under basic Hindustani taals. Layakari means the play of rhythm i.e., the simultaneous playing of two different rhythms. It is similar to the Polyrhythm in western music. With LayaTarang, learners of Hindustani music ( tabla, vocal, and instrumental ) and dance ( kathak) can sharpen their Layakari skills. The app provides the ability to play 5 basic tabla taal in 8 different layakari and their combinations. Optional mode with tabla theka on 'barabar' and metronome in selected 'laya' is useful for kathak dance practice and Hindustani vocal or instrumental music practice. The visual hand and finger indication helps in the practice of reciting 'theka' in different layakari while maintaining the 'tala' with hand. The tabla bols are displayed in Devanagari or English script in the form useful to learn writing taals in the Pt. Paluskar and Pt. Bhatkhande notation systems.

6. Lehra Studio Pro(Click Here To Download)

The world's first real lehra mobile app just got a whole heap better.

Lehra Studio has taken lehra app technology to the next level, with their extensively upgraded and highly anticipated model, Lehra Studio Pro. Whether you are a student or an experienced player, the Lehra Studio Pro edition will revolutionize your riaz.

Try FREE for the first 72 Hours!

The latest update allows you to download and use Lehra Studio Pro completely free for the first 72 hours!

7. Lehra Studio Ultimate(Click Here To Download)

It's finally here! The world's most awaited lehra app, Lehra Studio's highly anticipated Ultimate Edition.

Practice tabla to beautiful new unique lehra recorded in Sarangi, Sitar, Harmonium, and Esraj.

In addition, and for the first time ever, Lehra Studio Ultimate also lets you practice with the real sounds of Esraj (Bansuri and Sarod coming soon!).

With an astounding 15 different taals recorded across 60 unique instrument-dependent raags, Lehra Studio Ultimate boasts the largest Lehra library ever seen on any mobile application.

In addition to the library size, Lehra Studio has included fractional taals such as Sunand Taal, Neel Taal, and Sardha Roopak Taal. Lehra Studio has also recorded other unique taals such as Rudra Taal, Pancham Sawari, and Jai Taal in a variety of instruments and raags.

The entire sound library in the Lehra Studio Ultimate Edition can be pitched to any key in the octave, freeing the tabla player to play tabla in any pitch he or she desires.

The clever UI interface of Lehra Studio has been retained with all of its previous features including the Pitch Tuner, Fine Tuner, Tempo Slider, Matra Display, Play/Pause Functionality, and Lehra, Metronome, and Tanpura volume sliders.

Whether you are a student or an experienced player, the Lehra Studio Ultimate edition will revolutionize your riaz.

Download Lehra Studio Ultimate today for free, and try the app fully unlocked for 72 hours!

8. Pro Metronome(Click Here To Download)

Pro Metronome is a powerful tool that helps you master both daily practice and stage performance. It has redefined how more than 3 million people sync to a beat on iOS, and now, Pro Metronome is coming to Android.

The free version is packed with features like the newly designed time signature interface – customized it any way you want. 13 time-keeping styles let you choose beat sounds that work for you – even a counting voice.. With RTP (Real-Time Playback) technology, it's more precise than a traditional mechanical metronome.

Pro Metronome is all about customization – change beat sounds, accents, and even choose from 4 different beat volume levels ("f", "mf", "p" and "mute.") With the Pro Version, access subdivisions, polyrhythm settings, and create complex patterns with triplets, dotted notes, and non-standard time signatures.

9. Tuner-Gstrings(Click Here To Download)

gStrings is a chromatic tuner application measuring sound pitch and intensity.

It will let you tune any musical instrument (violin, viola, violoncello, bass, guitar, piano, wind instruments, your own voice/singing).

Features include:
1. multiple built-in instruments and tunings,
2. support for user-defined custom tunings,
3. a long list of built-in temperaments (just, Pythagorean, meantone, comma, etc.),
4. support for user-defined custom temperaments,
5. orchestra tuning (shifting/redefining tone frequencies),
6. pitch pipe,
and many more.

If you were looking for a guitar tuner, try it!

Tabla Apps
Tabla Apps

Windows PC - Tabla Apps

Riyaz Studio(Click Here To Download)

RiyazStudio combines tanpura, tabla, and lehra machines in a responsive and easy-to-use computer-based (Windows and now IntelMac and Linux via a Windows "virtual machine") practice environment for North Indian classical music.

RiyazStudio simply replays real tabla performances (now with Pakhawaj and Lehra too) in contrast to mechanical-sounding software or tabla machines that set individual tabla bols at rigidly set intervals. Fine-tune the tabla and tanpura exactly to your preferred pitch. Select different tabla styles - or switch automatically between them in our Semi-Classical version. Adjust the tempo on the fly by tapping the B (for beat) key.

Taal Pulse(Click here To Download)

A three-in-one lehra machine for the student of Hindustani (Northern Indian) music. Plays lehras (cyclical melody), thekas (rhythmic base), and tanpura (drone instrument) all at the same time. Runs on desktop PCs as well as PDAs.