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Learn Tabla Online

Learn Tabla Online is a platform where you can learn Tabla in a very easy and interactive manner. We are providing a homely environment for your Tabla class. Our Tabla Tutor has a very systematic and well-engraved syllabus. Come and join us to Learn Tabla Online. We can provide you best online learning experience.

Moreover, You will get the following benefits which will help you during your training with us. You will get training from a very well-trained and experienced Tabla Tutor. Our training module is based on One-On-One classes, we are not attending group classes. Indeed, It will help you to learn faster and much easier than any group class.


First, We provide you ready-to-print PDFs to make it easier for you. you can easily manage and read your notes clear and without any mistakes.


Second, We are already using Skype, Meets, Zoom, Duo, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Etc. to connect with students.


Third, Our teaching faculty is familiar with the following languages.

English | Hindi | Punjabi

Learn Tabla Online
Currently, We are attending students from 14 countries:
  • USA
  • UK

Our Elaboration

Beyond the boundaries, No matter where you are located on the world map. We are able to establish a connection with you to teach Tabla online. In spite of this, We are well trained and experienced in managing with national & international students of any age between 5-90 Years.


Learn Tabla Online

Beginner Syllabus

Sem-1: Basic Tabla Bols - Basic Exercises  - Ta Tin Tin Ta/ Teen Taal Theka - Basic Kayda 1/2/3/4 - 2 Kaydas (Delhi Gharana) - 2 Kaydas (Punjab Gharana) - Rela(Basic) - Rela(Punjab Gharana) - 5 Tukdas (Delhi/Punjab)

Sem 2: Theka And Info of Roopak, Jhap Taal, Dadra, Kehrwa, Ektaal - Solo in Rupak (Based on Sem-1) - Intro with Kehrwa and  Dadra Taal Thekas And Some Laggis with Tihai.


Intermediate Syllabus

Sem-1: Teen Taal Intermediate Solo including(Peshkar, Delhi Kayda(2) - Punjab Kayda(1) - Rela(Delhi) - 5 TukraS (Delhi, Punjab, Banaras, Lucknow) - Chakrdar - Farmaishi Chakardar - KamaliChakardar - Gat(Delhi Gharana).

Sem 2: Solo in Roopak (Peshkar, Delhi Kayda(2) - Rela - 5 Tukras (Delhi, Punjab, Banaras, Lucknow) - Chakrdar - Farmaishi Chakardar - Kamali Chakardar - Gat (Delhi Gharana).

Sem 3: Solo in Jhaptaal and Ektaal (Based on Sem:1) - Kehrwa & Dadra uthaans, Laggis and tihais.

Learn Tabla Online

Advanced Syllabus

Sem-1: Advanced Solo in Teen Taal - Jhap Taal - Ek Taal - Mat Taal - Char Taal Ki Sawari and PanchamSawari

Sem-2: Kehrwa, Dadra, Roopak, Deepchandi, and Jhaptaal Light Music accompaniment techniques and syllabus

Sem 3: Rare Gharanedar Compositions of Delhi, Punjab, Lucknow including Gats, Kaydas, Tukras, Kayda, Relas, and more.

Tuition Fee

One Session Per Week - ₹ 1,000/- Per Session (Monthly ₹ 4,000/-)

Two Sessions Per Week - ₹ 8,00/- Per Session (Monthly ₹ 6,400/-)

Our Special Offers

Pay Monthly(30 Days) 0% Discount
Pay Quarterly(3 Months)  

5% Discount

Pay Half Yearly(6 Months) 10% Discount
Pay Yearly(12 Months)  

15% Discount or a New Tabla Set **

* 15% discount to those students

who opt for one session per week.

** Ustad Qasim Khan Niyazi Student Tabla Set $400/- for FREE

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